Key changes to DD|hub’s Terms of use

The current terms of use for the DD|hub website and services are effective from 4 August 2020. The key changes from the previous version (effective from 21 January 2019) are listed below. Minor changes of layout, terminology or grammatical changes have not been noted.

This is a high-level summary of the main changes – please refer to the terms for the detail.

Improved clarity

  • The date from which the terms are effective is now shown, together with a link to this document listing key changes
  • Additional clarity about the types of user and the differing access and functionality available to each type of user
  • Confirmation that Use of our services includes interacting with it or entering data into it
  • Confirmation that Registered Users and Subscriber Users will be advised of new terms the next time they log in, and asked to accept them
  • Statement that our services are designed for business users, not private individuals

Purpose of our services

Additional information about the purpose of our services:

  • Adding research information about products and services
  • Explaining how a subscriber firm may make their information available via a widget on their website, and describing the role of a Widget User.

Subscriber users entering data

New provisions relating to information entered into our services by a Subscriber User on behalf of a subscriber firm. Such a user:

  • may enter, review or update information on the products and services offered by their firm. They agree that any such information will, as far as reasonably possible, be complete and accurate, and not misleading, and they authorise us to process as described in the Help Guide;
  • agrees to keep any such information up-to-date;
  • where such information includes any personal data, they authorise us to process it as described in the Help Guide;
  • where any such information includes a logo or other intellectual property, they licence us to display it in our services, as described in the Help Guide.


  • Updating of our registered office details.

This version: v2.00 4 August 2020