About us

Driving efficiency, consistency and skill into due diligence processes

DD|hub's purpose is to harness technology to streamline due diligence process, bringing more control, huge efficiencies and time savings to both providers and advisers.

Our founders have significant experience in both issuing and responding to due diligence questionnaires and have been working on designing and building the DD|hub system since Spring 2015.

Who we are

David Lee

David has spent his years in the financial services industry making the advice process less onerous for market participants.

As founder of the research company Defaqto, David brought product selection into the 20th century and streamlined what was a laborious process.

David is committed to making sure that DD|hub will bring about the same transformation to due diligence thereby saving IFAs and providers countless hours and thousands of pounds in wasted time.

Chris Jones

Chris has worked both as an adviser to HNW clients and with providers. His interest in technology led him to found a multi-media business in 1991, to consult on web services in the early days of e-business and to design and oversee the build of a range of online data and other messaging services.

His first-hand experience of working with Providers and Advisers will ensure DD|hub stays focussed on delivering our mission - cutting out wasteful repetition and allowing both parties to focus on the things that matter, leading to better outcomes for clients.