Company description

Investec Wealth & Investment is one of the UK's leading investment management companies with responsibility for approximately £43.7bn (as at 31st March 2022) of client assets. We have worked closely with Financial Advisers and their clients for over 25 years and gained a unique understanding of the specific needs of advisers and their clients. We specialise in investing for individual clients, charities, trusts and clients of professional advisers on a bespoke basis, seeking optimal returns on their capital at all times.

Services available

We offer the following services:

Bespoke DFM

Our award-winning bespoke discretionary managed investment service is highly flexible and built around your clients’ individual preferences and specific investment goals. It can also be applied to almost any investment structure, including joint or sole accounts, ISAs and trust assets.

Once you’ve agreed the most suitable mandate with your client, their portfolio will be actively managed on a discretionary basis. This enables you to leave the day-to-day decision making to us, and allows us to respond quickly to market changes or capitalise on opportunities we believe are in your client’s best interests. Furthermore, a bespoke approach means we can work with you to facilitate your client’s ethical, growth, high income or drawdown requirements, and adapt these as your client’s circumstances change.

This service is typically for portfolios greater than £150,000.

AIM Portfolio IHT Plan

If you have clients who are concerned that a significant proportion of their wealth may not pass to the next generation, our AIM Portfolio IHT Plan could be the answer.

A discretionary managed service, run by a specialist team, the AIM Portfolio is designed to exempt your client’s invested assets from Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability on death and after a period of only two years. It achieves this by investing in shares listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) that qualify for Business Relief (BR).

This discretionary service is suitable for investments over £100,000

Structured Product Service

If your clients are looking for a set return over a defined period, we offer a choice of two portfolio options, which invest in structured products with a minimum investment of £250,000. They both provide an alternative risk/reward profile with the potential for positive returns in rising, flat or falling markets. 

MPS on Platforms

At Investec we know that your clients’ needs vary enormously. That’s why we’ve developed eight independently risk-rated investment strategies, now including two sustainable MPS strategies, enabling you to choose the one most appropriate for your clients’ needs and attitude to risk.

With the comfort of knowing their funds are monitored constantly by a dedicated team, your clients will be able to benefit from a winning combination of Investec’s outstanding investment expertise, value for money and the backing of a trusted brand.

Multi-Asset Funds

The IW&I Multi Asset Funds offers a choice of four diversified funds that are actively managed by our investment management team:  Cautious, Balanced, Income, and Growth. Each Fund is fully diversified and has been structured using IW&I’s in-depth research and rigorous investment process. All are monitored daily, allowing us to respond, if necessary, to any changes in market conditions.

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or for more information.