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Company description

Albemarle Street Partners was founded in 2012 as an investment consultant to the UK advisory market. In early 2019 it merged with Atlantic House Group Limited in order to become a discretionary fund manager. At this time a new leadership team was recruited for the business, led by Charlie Parker. 

Most fundamentally we believe that long-term strategic asset allocation - built carefully along an efficient frontier - is the right way to deliver consistent returns for clients with controlled levels of risk appropriate to their individual circumstances.

This belief leads us to work carefully on long-term analysis which understands the behaviour of asset classes historically whilst also recognizing the importance of valuation in predicting long-term future returns.

Our strategic asset allocation leads us to reach conclusions about our positioning at asset class, geographic, duration, credit quality and equity factor level.

The Albemarle team are a group of board-level professionals who have chosen to focus on dealing directly with clients again. We believe that through close partnership we can offer a deeper level of service than many of our competitors.

This enables Albemarle to support the growth of our partner firms more fully than is possible for a normal discretionary fund manager. We acknowledge that partnerships have to be earned, based on the consistency of the service we offer. Ultimately, we believe that it is an exceptional level of service, flexibility and responsiveness that sets us apart.



Services available

Tailored Investment Solutions - We work in partnership with financial advisers to create investment propositions shaped around their advice philosophy. Our services are aligned to the platforms, risk profilers and other services you have built into your business

Managed Portfolio Service - The managed portfolio service offers a range of actively managed, multi-asset, risk-rated models. The models are all managed to a wide range of risk profilers with targeted return and volatility objectives.  Available across all major platforms. Income, Index and ESG portfolios are also available.

Investment Options

Growth Portfolios - Our core models best suited for clients looking for capital growth. Built around our robust Strategic Asset Allocation, utilising a combination of active and passive funds.

Income Portfolios - Our income solution is designed specifically to protect capital and generate income. 

ESG Portfolios - Our ESG portfolios follow our core Strategic Asset Allocation but prioritise ESG considerations. ESG is often subjective, so our approach is to work with our clients to build a portfolio that suits their personal needs.

Passive Portfolios - Built around the same SAA as our core Growth models, whilst only holding passive funds for a lower-cost alternative. 

Direct Equity Portfolios - Where platforms allow, we build portfolios that follow our Growth models, but hold direct equities as an alternative to some equity funds in order to keep the underlying portfolio cost down.

AIM Solutions - We offer portfolios that allow for advisers to carry out IHT planning through access to the AIM market.

Other Services

White labelling - Our clients have the option to build tailored investment portfolios (across any of the above mandates). They then have the option to white label the portfolios.

Marketing support - In addition to white labelled portfolios, we offer bespoke marketing support. This includes adviser branded market updates, portfolio updates, ad hoc client meeting support and website / branding support.

Genuine community  - Fundamentally what we can offer advisers is a genuine sense of community. We deliberately only work with a small number of adviser firms, this allows us to build deep partnership and have full engagement from our clients. We have built a community that engages with each other and collaborates whilst hopefully having some fun along the way!

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or for more information.