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Company description

Sparrows Capital provides investment management services to family offices, trusts, foundations and charities, and a platform-based model portfolio service for Advisers and their clients.

We follow an Evidence Based investment methodology. We do not pick stocks or time markets, nor do we select active management strategies.

We take a long term view of market behaviour, drawing on over 100 years of data and robust academic studies to inform our systematic approach.

We believe in harvesting market returns (beta) efficiently and cheaply.

We diversify risk across liquid asset classes.

We use index funds and ETFs to express our portfolio preferences.

Our investment experience has been developed over more than a decade managing the portfolios of the founding family. We have considerable academic and technical expertise.

Professor Elroy Dimson, who chaired the Strategy Council for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, is Consultant to our Board.

Services available

Bespoke Service

Sparrows Capital offers a comprehensive evidence-based investment service for substantial investors, including full risk assessent, strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction.


For Advisers looking to outsource their Central Investment Proposition we have developed the SCore MPS suite of model portfolios, available in four ranges to suit every Adviser and every underlying client:

  • SCore Factor (index funds and ETFs)
  • SCore Factor (index funds only)
  • SCore Responsible (index funds and ETFs)
  • SCore Responsible (index funds only)

Each range comprises eleven portfolios from zero to 100% equity exposure in 10% increments, allowing Advisers to select the risk level appropriate for each client’s attitude to risk. These portfolios are globally diversified, multi-asset and liquid, with sterling as the base currency.

The factor-based portfolios are tilted towards risks that have historically provided a persistent premium.

Each of the eleven Strategic Asset Allocations has been expressed as a collection of index funds and / or ETFs, selected to reflect the liquid investable universe taking account of the proposed factor tilt.

The portfolios are rebalanced systematically using pre-set thresholds.

The SCore MPS portfolios are available on a discretionary or advisory basis through selected platforms and are risk rated by Defaqto.

Innovative Pricing Structure

The SCore MPS proposition is priced at 0.10% per annum, capped at £20 per month per end client. This fee covers portfolio construction, monitoring and rebalancing. The service is exempt from VAT.

Weighted portfolio OCF is 14 – 31 bppa depending on the selected risk exposure

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or for more information.