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Company description

Pilling & Co was founded in Manchester in 1893 at the height of the cotton boom when the city was one of the wealthiest in the world.  Industry may have changed in the intervening years but we are still looking after the wealth of families who first rose to prominence back then.  Along the way we have built our client bank to over 100,000 strong and assets to over £1 billion.  Our clients and industry contacts now span the globe.  We advise and execute deals in a professional and friendly way that has become our hallmark.

Our advice covers all investment areas and is not restricted to a limited range of “in-house” funds.

As there is no “set in stone” structure we are able to offer your clients a personalised “tailor made” portfolio.

Pilling & Co has a long track record of forming excellent working partnerships with numerous solicitors, accountants and financial advisers who have introduced clients to us in the safe knowledge that we will respect the relationship they enjoy with their clients.

These relationships have been enhanced by our ability and willingness to be flexible in the service we offer you.  We can liaise directly with you if you wish so your client has you as the point of contact and does not have to deal with unwanted paperwork.  You also have complete confidence that there is no cross selling.  A full suite of products and services are on offer which, subject to the prevailing regulations, can facilitate payment of adviser fees.

We can also tailor our service to suit your requirements so you decide who your client has contact with and what they actually receive from us with regard to contract notes, statements, valuations newsletters.  This allows you to delegate some of the regulatory and administrative burden.


Services available

We pioneered Personal Equity Plans (PEPs) and their replacement Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and defined the development of this special market nationally. Our Expertise in ISAs also covers "Self-Invested" Personal Pensions (SIPPs) of which many clients have already taken full asvantage. We added Child Trust Funds (CTFs) to the menu and more recently Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs) giving you the investment vehicles you need to look after all the family.

We also specialise in Investment Management and Discretionary Management services and our Investment Management team have several decades of portfolio management experience. They have experienced a diversity of economic and monetary conditions from the Dot-com bubble of 2000 and the 2008 financial crisis, from monetary tightening and credit restricting periods to the current period of loose monetary policy and quantitative easing.

The Pilling Ideal Portfolios (PIPs) were introduced in 2001 with the aim of offering clients a bespoke portfolio made up of unit trust, OEICs and investment trusts at a lower rate than our Investment and Discretionary services.  

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or info@ddhub.co.uk for more information.