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Company description

We’re an investment and technology solutions business that supports financial advice firms in the creation and operation of a centralised investment proposition (CIP).

Our proposition is founded on the seamless integration of three key disciplines; discretionary investment management, platform administration and intuitive technology. All of these enable us to reduce operational risk for advice firms and improve their profitability through greater efficiencies. In
turn, they’re able to deliver a streamlined client experience, enhanced by our
easy-to-use technology.

Services available

Advice firms that partner with us gain access to a broad suite of investment solutions, each aligned to our proven risk management framework.

So, whatever an investor’s needs and preferences, we have a suitable portfolio option. All the heavy lifting of managing a CIP is handled by us and our service model is award-winning - testimony to the quality of our support.

As the world changes and customer needs evolve, advice firms need to adapt. With a long track record for innovation, we’ve been a pioneer in the development of online advice services. We’re able to support advice firms in the creation of multi-channel businesses, offering investors a choice as to how they get their investment advice.

Ownership by Aberdeen Standard Investments provides a strong financial foundation to support business growth and access to additional resources to strengthen our resilience.

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or for more information.