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Download our free adviser guide to research and due diligence, with foreword by Rory Percival.

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Driving intelligence & efficiency into due diligence processes

Paper questionnaires and Excel documents are rooted in the last century - upgrade now to the efficient, effective, secure and intelligent approach.

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Cut wasted duplication & concentrate on quality

Due diligence requests consume huge amounts of effort and tie up expensive resource at providers. DD|hub means that you answer questions once (so you can concentrate on the quality of response) and then control who sees the answers.

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Documented, compliance-driven IM assessments for advisers

Using our library of due diligence questions, get immediate responses from participating providers, and download for a permanent compliance record of your assessment.

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What we do

The intelligent and efficient way of handling due diligence questionnaires

For Providers
  • A central tool for managing your DD question responses
  • Answer DD questions just once, for instant responses to future DDQs
  • Answer & publication audit history – demonstrate controls & oversight
  • MI feedback on adviser usage
  • Focus on what matters - quality of response & relationships
  • Straightforward updating - and distribution of updates
For Financial Advisers
  • Select your own questions to focus on your key issues; or
  • Use our pre-built question sets
  • Select the providers you want to compare
  • Your results delivered instantly in a set format for easy review
  • Monitor changes at your chosen providers for review
  • Reporting process and audit trail built-in

DD|hub is a simple, centralised solution for managing the due diligence process - a comprehensive library of due diligence questions, with responses from major providers and specialist boutiques.

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FCA requirements are driving increasing numbers of DDQs, as more advisers look to work with providers and as advisers with existing relationships review or validate them. An efficient process to respond to those growing numbers has never been more necessary.


Responding to DDQs has often been a side activity alongside a day job, but co-ordinating information from colleagues and managing the volumes and deadlines is difficult. Often there's a sense that, given more time, a much better response would have been possible.


The 'one and done' approach allows a provider using DD|hub to respond to DDQs instantly, freeing time to focus on honing responses, as well as follow-up questions and building relationships – all in a framework of strong governance to evidence compliance.


DD|hub makes life easier for advisers. Our framework gives you tools to access due diligence data instantly, assess it and evidence your decisions, without forcing you to change the way you approach it.

Our process is straightforward:

  • You choose the questions that you want in your due diligence questionnaire. We have question sets to help you get started but you can also create your own fully-customised questionnaire
  • You can select the type of service and provider on which you wish to conduct due diligence
  • From that filtered list you can select the providers that you think might make suitable partners
  • You access the information online and the results should be given instantly
  • You can, if you wish, use DD|hub's assessment system to compare the responses from different providers or you can download the information and conduct your assessment in your own way
  • If you select a provider using the system, we'll automatically notify you when their responses change in the future, so you can keep the relationship under review
  • None of the steps are compulsory. We don't force you to use certain providers, ask specific questions or assess the result in any particular way - you're in control.

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