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Company description

Why Tacit?

Citywire Award Winning Best Small DFM 2017 & 2019 - Unique outcome based investment ethos and approach

An investment manager focused on your needs


Good financial planning and expert investment management can make a huge difference. They are both specialist skills. Tacit is a boutique firm and a name you are unlikely to have come across before. So what makes it right for you?

Focused investment process

Tacit has a distinctive approach to investment management that has yielded unusually strong returns.

Focused on your destination

A criticism of many investment managers is that they prioritise managing volatility over meeting investors’ long-term goals. So they buy needlessly complex absolute return funds and over-diversify portfolios. This can make the investment journey smoother but investors risk being dropped off short of their destination.

Tacit focuses on the long-term goal. It will reduce exposure to risk assets when market conditions indicate there is a serious risk of loss that could jeopardise long-term performance. But it will not try to avoid the short-term blips that regularly hit markets. It takes the view expressed by one investor: “You can’t eat low volatility.” It is long-term returns that matter.

Focused investment strategy

Tacit analyses what is happening in the world and critically tests its forecasts to come up with the investment themes in which it has really strong conviction. It then backs those themes meaningfully. This high-conviction, unconstrained approach to investments leads to much more focused portfolios. Tacit will typically only invest in 12-15 funds within each portfolio – those it considers the very best for each stage of the investment cycle.

When it builds portfolios, Tacit understands that each investor has a “risk budget”. The more adventurous the investor the greater the risk budget. It aims to use this risk budget most efficiently to generate strong returns, buying the assets it believes investors really ought to own at each point in the market cycle. The rest of the portfolio is populated with stabilisers that help insure against the most serious effects of a market crisis – the kind of crisis that comes from nowhere and is seldom predicted.

Focused investors

In the same way that investment managers can be spoiled by choice, so can investors. Tacit only offers four strategies. Its experience shows that investors can easily understand these simple, clear choices, and it makes it easier for them with their advisers to make the right choice. 

Outstanding transparent performance

Tacit’s portfolios are mapped against the standard Asset Risk Consultants benchmarks that measure the performance of most of the UK’s leading wealth managers. Unlike most firms, Tacit publishes performance clearly on its website so you can see how the portfolios are performing against their peers. 

Focus on costs

Because it does not deliver financial planning advice and only looks after UK clients, Tacit has a very streamlined business. This means costs are very competitive given the quality of service being delivered.

Awards & Ratings

Defaqto 5 Diamond Rating for DFM MPS (Direct & Platform) Portfolio Family of services

ARC 3D 2018- ARC Research Limited

Shortlisted – Best Overall Small Firm – Citywire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2018

Shortlisted – Best Aggressive Portfolio – Citywire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2018

Shortlisted – Best Growth Portfolio – Citywire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2018

Shortlisted – Discretionary Fund Management Group of the Year – Investment Week Awards 2018

Winner – Best Overall Small Firm – Citywire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2017

Shortlisted – Best Aggressive Portfolio – Citywire Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2017

Shortlisted – Discretionary Fund Management Group of the Year – Investment Week Awards 2017

Shortlisted – Balanced Portfolio – Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2016

Shortlisted – Best Overall Small Firm – Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards 2016


Tacit in brief:

§  Institutional investment rigour and discipline from highly experienced team


§  Focus on real returns and management of serious risk rather than volatility


§  High-conviction investment style


§  Simplicity – everything the investor needs and nothing more


§  Strong service ethos


§  Competitive pricing


§  Outstanding performance record


§  Transparency



Services available

A boutique approach to investment management allows for the development of a closer working relationship with advisers. The focus is on service, communication and understanding. However, outcomes do need to be consistent if not more effective than the mainstream DFM. Tacits investment services have evolved from listening to advisers and their clients.


Core Services:


  • Full bespoke: what does this include?


Direct investment relationship with investment director
Personally aligned to client objectives and required outcomes
In-specie transfers
Tacit do not charge for transactions, in-specie or any transfers out
Ability to hold direct equities
CGT management
Cherished & legacy holdings management
Auto-ISA facility
Access to adviser and client friendly investment portal
Globally recognized custodian
Pre-populated account opening paperwork – account management team experienced working with financial advisers and clients
Optimised tax management across investment portfolios, GIA, ISA, SIPP & investment bonds
Ad-hoc (on-demand) & regular investment communications
External investment portfolio reviews & risk assessment
Management of unique income requirements
Portfolios managed at relationship, group or family level as required
Quarterly client reporting
On-line access advisers clients and underlying client – 3 way
On demand reporting & storyboards for ad-hoc adviser client meetings
Option of full suitability management
Portfolio valuations to end of previous business day – segregated or combined.
Tacit designed adviser investment management reports (IMR)
Weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual market commentary


  • Managed Portfolio Service: through external adviser platforms or through Tacits custody / platform - model based services.


  • White labelled investment services: Where an adviser is considering or have elected  have their own DFM permissions.


  • DFM Investment / consultancy services: Providing oversight and analysis on investment projects and construction of effective Central Investment Propositons.

The Practical Solution

DD|hub provides a practical framework for advisers to use in the due diligence part of their provider selection. We do not force you to use a standardised questionnaire nor do we have a proprietary selection process that we make you use.

Register now for free access to DD|hub now for your business - or contact us on 020 3633 2185 or info@ddhub.co.uk for more information.